Anxiety Free Visits

Anxiety Free Visits (Nitrous Sedation)

Dental appointments may cause anxiety. At The Dentists at North Cypress, we are committed to making your visits pleasant and comfortable, which is why we offer several anxietylessening options, including nitrous sedation.

What Is Nitrous Sedation?

Nitrous sedation is the use of nitrous oxide gas (also known as the laughing gas) for sedation during a dental procedure. The gas, which is odorless and colorless, produces a euphoric effect, which relaxes you. The gas is administered through the nose (inhalation) using a face mask.

Advantages Of Nitrous Sedation

Nitrous sedation has several benefits over other sedation options that are available during dental procedures—general anesthesia, oral medication, and IV sedation (injection). Below is a look at some of these benefits:

• It is fast acting, and the effects dissipate quickly—one of the benefits of nitrous sedation is that nitrous oxide is fast acting and produces a state of relaxation more quickly than some. In addition to being fast acting, the sedative effect of the gas also dissipates quickly once it is stopped. Therefore, you can resume normal activities immediately after your procedure, which means that you can drive yourself home.

• It does not require injections—nitrous oxide is inhaled, as opposed to IV sedation that requires an injection.

• There is less risk of overdose—due to the fast dissipation of the effects, it is easy to adjust the levels of the gas without any serious effects in case of over-administration.

• It does not put you to sleep—nitrous sedation produces a pleasurable feeling that relaxes you—it does not put you to sleep. Therefore, you are conscious during the whole procedure, and thus can respond to instructions.

Is Nitrous Sedation Safe?

Nitrous sedation is safe and effective, with minimal risks of complications regarding overdosing. However, the gas can cause side effects in some people, which can include:

• Nausea

• Headaches

• Fatigue

• Shivering

• Hallucinations

In addition to these side effects, there are some drawbacks to using nitrous oxide for sedation:

• It is not ideal for people who become nauseous easily.

• It can be less effective if you are experiencing breathing problems—for example, due to a cold.

• Wearing a mask for the entire duration of the procedure can be uncomfortable.

• Nitrous oxide is also not recommended for people suffering from lung disease or pregnant women.

Anxiety and pain can cause your visit to become uncomfortable and unpleasant. However, with nitrous sedation, you can enjoy a smooth and pain-free experience, even with invasive dental procedures. Call us, The Dentists at North Cypress, at (281) 664-8100 to learn more about nitrous sedation and how it can help you during your dental appointments.