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Intra-Oral Cameras

Intraoral CameraPatient education is the foundation of our practice at The Dentists at North Cypress; and there is no better tool for educating patients than an intra-oral camera. Being able to see what is going on in your mouth means being able to properly take care of your mouth. The phrases, "a picture is worth a thousand words" and "seeing is believing", have never been truer than when used about intra-oral cameras.

What Is It?

An intra-oral camera is a small, toothbrush shaped/sized camera. It takes video that is projected onto a monitor that we adjust so you may view the feed. Because it is difficult to view your own mouth using a mirror, we frequently use intra-oral cameras to show patients problems that are present in their mouths. With the camera, we are able to get up-close and personal and show you in high detail what is going on in your mouth.

What to Expect

The experience of having an intra-oral camera used is generally enjoyable and non-invasive. The camera is small enough that it can fit in your mouth the same way the head of a toothbrush might. It can be moved around in the mouth easily while taking video or pictures of the teeth and gums. We can show you images of your mouth in real time while we discuss any issues present.

What Advantages Does It Provide?

The most obvious advantage intra-oral cameras provide is the immediate feedback and education for our patients. It can clearly reveal oral conditions like cavities and gum disease. Patients benefit greatly from seeing what effects their oral hygiene habits (or lack thereof) have on their mouths. We are often able to make patients aware of issues while they are still reversible with the introduction of good habits.

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